When Will came into the Den, he had such a huge impact on everyone in the room from the moment he strummed his first chord on his guitar.

His story of coming from Malaysia, recreating his mother’s dishes with his own chilli paste creation and hoping to make his dream a reality hit everyone unexpectedly. You could see it on screen, and it was just as emotional in real life. By the end of his pitch, I was crying, uncle T was crying and even the camera crew were crying!

Will bravely told us about the anxiety he suffers from and I think that it was a mix of his openness, likeability and his delicious chilli paste product that made everyone instantly fall in love with him and his company! Despite my determination not to let my heart rule over my head in the Den, I ended up making Will an offer to really help him make his product a star-seller on the shelves.

I really utilised the talents of my head office team to help make this particular investment shine. There were a few comments about Will’s product not reflecting his fun, happy-go-lucky nature so that’s exactly where we started. We came up with a brand-new vibrant sleeve design and graphics for Mak Tok’s products, which better reflected what the company is all about.

Apart from some help from his cousin, Will has pretty much been a one-man band so we have helped him to create recipe cards, organised studio photography and have filmed and produced promos and short cooking tutorials with our in-house video and TV team.

I’m so pleased to say that Will has been overwhelmed with the amount of orders that he’s had since appearing on the Den. It seems a little help was all he needed to take this fantastically delicious product to the next level. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us next!

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