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Meet the Dragons’ Den Team: Senior Producer, Ben

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So I’m a bit behind on my Dragons’ BTS posts (been a bit busy in the Arctic and just getting caught up!) but you were all loving meeting some of the crew who work behind the scenes on the show so wanted to tell you all about lovely Ben!

Ben was there the very first moment I got involved in Dragons’ Den – my interview! He had to pretend to be an entrepreneur pitching to me and take a grilling from me to see what sort of Dragon I was!

Apparently his time on Dragons’ started way before mine as he was recruited as a casting researcher back in 2016 (that’s one of the things I love about this show – they recruit talent then train them on the job and people work their way right up) he went from casting to producing where he started as an assistant producer and worked up to being studio producer and this year was a senior producer on the show. And he is EPIC! He embodies everything that the show is about – he lives, sleeps and breathes the den, is super passionate about the entrepreneurs we get in and does a great job of keeping everyone right on set!

Our paths also crossed a few years ago when I was doing Strictly (as he works part of the year on Dragons’ and then at the back end of the year he works on It Takes Two!) and I can remember every week being in the ITT studio and being so nervous about the show and he’d be there talking me round, calming my nerves and getting me ready for the weekend of dancing ahead!

He’s become a great friend over the years as well as someone I trust and respect and think so highly of in the world of TV!!

Trust me when I say they need a Ben on every show!! 😍