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Crafter's TV

Shopping TV

From the very early days of the business, TV shopping has been a huge part of what we do at Crafter’s Companion.

My first business success was on the Ideal World channel, selling our very first product – the Enveloper. The experience was amazing, we sold our entire stock and my eyes were fully opened to this fantastic way of engaging directly with our customers.

People watching really connected with the product because I was able to bring it to life in a way that resonated with them and their lives. They didn’t just buy into what I was showing, but how my demonstration and the storytelling behind it made them feel.

Since then, TV shopping has become a vital part of Crafter’s Companion’s continued growth and success.

We’ve built amazing partnerships with huge TV shopping networks including HSN, QVC, QVC Germany and HobbyMaker.

TV shopping is one of the things we do best here, and it’s something I connected with almost immediately.

Showing how to use a product and demonstrating fabulous projects in real time is a vital selling tool. People aren’t necessarily watching to learn exactly how to recreate what you’re doing, they’re watching to be entertained and inspired.

So if you’re passionate about what you’re doing (and I am) that shines through, people pick up on it and engage with the product.

Crafter's TV

I love taking our products to shopping networks in the USA and Germany, connecting with thousands of customers around the world.

And, with a state-of-the-art studio in our company headquarters we have built up a talented production team to offer a world class service in TV shopping. So, we are also able to live-steam, broadcasting to TV shopping networks globally from right here in the North East!

And, our own in-house digital crafting channel Crafter’s TV has an incredibly loyal customer base with a dedicated and engaged crafting community.

This community has grown year on year to become an incredible asset, with thousands of people from around the world tuning in, sharing advice and creative inspiration.