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Crafting queen to dragon

Dragons' Den

Like so many people, I grew up watching Dragons’ Den. And as someone with one eye on a future in entrepreneurship, I watched, learned and took notes from those powerhouses in the big chairs. 

Little did I know that one day I’d be sitting there with them as their youngest ever female investor! 

I love every minute of being an investor in the Den. I’ve found true friends in my fellow Dragons and meeting the entrepreneurs is so inspiring. You never know who’s going to come up in that elevator and knock your socks off with the most amazing pitch or new innovation. 

With a background in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products excite me when I can see the potential in them. In particular, I love products where there’s been some real innovation and when they provide a genuine solution to a real problem. 

I have a really clear idea of what I’m looking for in a business investment

Something you hear a lot in the corporate world is that business isn’t personal. But in the Den, I’m always looking at the person as much as their business. 

For me, choosing who to invest in is very personal. I want to understand and  get to know each person before I decide whether emotionally I’m ready to invest in them.

That’s why you’ll see me being very selective in the businesses I do choose to become a part of. 

I’m looking for more than just a financial investment, I’m looking for an investment that can enrich my life in other ways. Something that is interesting, not just profitable. A business that brings about social change is more important to me than a return on investment in pounds.

This is all because when I find a business where I feel I can make a real difference – I put my heart and soul into it. 

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It’s such a privilege to be in the position to offer fledgling entrepreneurs the support and boost they need to fly. 

For me, the unwavering support, encouragement and advice I received from my parents and husband really gave me the confidence to make difficult decisions and take big leaps forward.

So, to be able to pay it forward and offer mentorship, help and advice to up-and-coming business owners gives me a lot of joy.

I get so much enjoyment from watching the personal journey and development of each business. Knowing that I have played a role in helping them to be even more successful than they might have been  is just incredible. 

Appearing on TV as a female entrepreneur and business-owner, and as the youngest female investor on the show, I relish the opportunity to be a role-model to any aspiring entrepreneurs out there watching Dragons’ Den.

Particularly young girls who might not see elsewhere that, in business you can be ‘ordinary’ like me, and succeed with drive, determination and the spark of a good idea.