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Meet the Dragons’ Den Team: Series Director, Mick

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This is our wonderful series director Mick!

You might have noticed the last couple of years the show has looked just a little bit different. A bit more modern and edgy, some changes to the actual den, the lighting and the camera shots. Well that’s because two years ago Mick took over as our top dog director.

Mick has actually worked on the show for over 10 years now – he started as an Editor on the show, and by the time I joined five years ago he’d worked up to Series Edit Producer. I can still remember the first time I met him – he’d just started the edit on my very first pitch and he said to me ‘I love editing the footage of you’ and when I asked why he said ‘It’s hilarious watching you because everything you’re thinking and feeling is written all over your face’

Anyway I was so thrilled when he was promoted to Series Director  two years ago, he’s so passionate and in the detail of every little bit of the show. He had such a clear vision for where he wanted to take it, and I just LOVE what he’s done to polish the show – it’s everything we know and love about Dragons but brought right up to date.

He is one of the dozens and dozens of people who work tirelessly to make the show the huge success it is!