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S By Sara Davies

S by Sara Davies is a collection of home décor products, designed by yours truly and available exclusively at QVC. 

Partnering with QVC to create a home and lifestyle range was a dream come true. Crafting is and will always be my first love, but I really enjoy home décor and especially decorating the home for different seasons and occasions. So the opportunity to sit down and design my own pieces was a real treat. 

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S By Sara Davies

Everything in in my first range is focused on helping you to add your own special touches to your home décor. 

The very first collection is all about winter and bringing in greenery, warmth and light during those chilly and dark nights. Each piece is thoughtfully created and ready to use, so you can bring your home to life for the season with ease.  

S By Sara Davies

This is my second lifestyle range, available exclusively at QVC, and I’ve been in my element getting stuck into the details to create game changing storage solutions. 

I love nothing more than a good declutter and knowing that there’s a place for every bit and bob around the house. And, this new collection is all about turning your home into a peaceful haven of organisation and style.