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Making It

Making It (working title) is a brand new TV show that we’re making up here in the North East with Gateshead production company Twenty Six 03. I’m so excited because it’s all about bringing those big ideas to life! 

The show features inventors, regular people who have extraordinary and innovative ideas but aren’t sure how to turn a concept into a real-life product.

That’s where the Making It team comes in! We invite these aspiring inventors into our workshop to meet our team of experts who can help develop their initial idea into a fully-functioning product. Our engineers are the best in the world at what they do, so if it’s possible to turn a dream into a reality -they can do it!

You know me, I love problem solving ideas and innovative concepts, so I’ll be there to offer support and keep a beady business eye on things. I know there are thousands of people across the country who have big and brilliant ideas but are stuck on how to get started. So to be able to help them develop and make their inventing dreams a reality is a real privilege.

We’re in the middle of making series one at the moment, it will air on BBC1 later in the year.

I’m so excited that this new show is being filmed in the North East with a Gateshead production company, Twenty Six 03, using local crew and off-screen talent.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the show, get in touch with the casting department by emailing:

Got an idea?

If you’ve got a bright idea or you’ve had a lightbulb moment but are completely stumped about where to go next, I can point you in the right direction. 

It takes a village to turn an idea into a real-life product, so here are some amazing experts who have helped me in my own journey.