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Kiddiwhizz is home to the innovative toilet invention, the Whizzer™️.

Launching in 2021 with the Kids’ Version and successfully gaining backing from both Sara Davies MBE and Steven Bartlett in the 2022 series of Dragons’ Den, the Whizzer is the world’s first handheld unisex eco-toilet. 

It now comes in an adult size with in a range of colours and accessories including a glow-in-the-dark version perfect for night-time use! 

Mum and inventor, Zoe captured all the features she needed as a busy parent and carer for her disabled father. The multi award-winning silicon compact solution is leakproof and ergonomically designed to provide comfort and privacy on-the-go.

A must-pack for everyone from keen campers and fun-loving festival goers to families on long journeys or off on their holiday travels.

This handy little loo has provided a long-awaited mess-free alternative long after the potty-training process, for ages all the way up to prostate patients not to mention pregnant parents. It is now recognised as a vital aid by medical professionals and the UK’s leading bladder and bowel charity ERIC as a solution for people with symptoms that affect a range of disabilities and disorders.

 With a solid foundation built on organic growth, solo-founder Zoë runs Kiddiwhizz single-handedly and hopes to take the Whizzer worldwide in the parenting, outdoor and medical markets. 

Zoë said: “Having visited Sara at her Crafters’ Companion office, I’ve seen first-hand what can be achieved as a mother and businesswoman through relentless hard-work and determination.”

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