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Mini First Aid

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Kate, Matt and their gorgeous kids really made an impact in the Den.

Knowing First Aid can literally arm you with the tools and knowledge to save someone’s life and Kate’s personal story of her brother and why she was inspired to start her company really hit home for me. As someone who invests with heart, I had to make them an offer.

Entering Dragons’ Den the company had a brilliant franchise model, and now has more than 70 franchises UK wide, offering flexible First Aid sessions for all the family, training over 1000 families each week. Mini First Aid’s retail arm has grown from strength to strength, seeing major retailer listings with ASDA, Boots and John Lewis following their appearance on Dragons’ Den.

I’m so pleased to be working with Kate, Matt and the team and delighted to be joining them in Mini Firsts Aid’s journey.

Kate founder of Mini First Aid, said: “From our initial application to Dragons’ Den right through to pitch we knew that Sara was the Dragon that we wanted to invest in Mini First Aid. Sara’s investment has demonstrated a huge endorsement to our brand and has opened doors and further progressed relationships in both retail and other commercial activity.

“Sara’s hands-on support for Mini First Aid has far exceeded our expectation, we feel that Sara is totally invested in our business and shares in our success.

“Sara’s profile has helped to raise awareness for learning first aid and therefore the result is literally saving lives.”

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