I have a really clear idea of what I’m looking for in a business investment

Thanks to Dragons’ Den, I have a really clear idea of what I’m looking for in a business investment. Primarily, I’m looking for a fantastic person. An outstanding entrepreneur can carry a mediocre idea, but the most revolutionary idea wouldn’t be able to get off the ground with a mediocre entrepreneur.

Secondly, I’m a product gal at heart – that’s not to say I wouldn’t invest in a service business but growing up in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) world means that products excite me because I can see the potential in them. In particular, I love products where there’s been some real innovation and when they provide a genuine solution to a real problem. It’s easy to see through the gimmicky products and to spot the ones that are really going to change someone’s life.

Take a look at some of the investments I’ve made in the Den and beyond.

Current Invesments


TanCream was shown as my first investment in the Den. Gillian and Katy impressed...

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Despite how nervous he may have been, Teirnan had a fantastic pro...

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His story of coming from Malaysia, recreating his mother’s dishes...

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