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Sara – ‘It’s been an epic adventure for an unbelievable cause’

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And I’m home!

Got home just before 1am this morning – Simon came and met me at the train station and I was sooooooooo ready for that big hug! Was a long day travelling home but just knowing he was going to be there at the end kept a smile on my face the whole journey (that and the prosecco and cheese we had on the plane!)

We spent four long days and three even longer nights in the Arctic and in those moments when you don’t think you can keep doing and the cold has set into your bones and your body is just telling you it wants to shut down, its those times when you think of your family back home and that’s what keeps you going.

That, and Vicky Pattison shouting at me from behind ‘howay lass you’re a machine you’ve got this’ (she always seemed to know the moment right when I needed to hear this!).

Those three lasses became my pseudo family this week – cuddles when I needed them, pep talks when the going got tough, and a shoulder to cry on when those moments hit (and there were plenty of those moments I can tell you!)

What a week it’s been, an epic adventure, pushing myself beyond limits I didn’t know I had, all for an unbelievable cause which made every step worthwhile.

The documentary will be out in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, please, please give as generously as you can to Comic Relief, the money we raise through this will make an enormous difference to millions of lives but they are relying on the funds we raise this year more than ever