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Sara inspires schoolchildren with Arctic talk

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OMG – I had the most amazing time going back to school

The teacher from the kids’ school asked me to come in and give a talk to the kids about my epic Arctic adventure and I’m not going to lie, I was buzzing about going to talk to the kids almost as much as I was when I was actually out in the Arctic!

We had the entire school in, from tiny little 2-3 year olds from nursery right up to our Oliver’s class (10-11). I got some giggles out of them when I showed them all of our clothes (expertly demonstrated for me by one of the teachers I volunteered!) and how we had to unzip a bum pocket to go to the toilet, and I think I entertained them with my anecdotes about frozen snot!

But also, I spent a lot of time explaining (and hopefully inspiring them) about all of the amazing, positive work Comic Relief does and why it was so important for me to take on the challenge and for people to donate when they watched it.

I sent them all home with some homework to tell their mams and dads to watch the BBC documentary on the 11th March at 9pm and donate!