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Sara sets off on Arctic challenge for Comic Relief

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The last few days have been an absolute whirlwind of intensive training, full safety briefings and getting to grips with the fat-bikes, the snow-shoes and the cross country skis.

And we had our first real experience of just how extreme the weather can get up here in the Arctic – it’s amazing how quickly the conditions can change as the wind and snow move in.

It’s so incredibly cold that we’ve even had training on how to layer up and keep warm. There’s a huge amount of kit and it has to be layered in the right way, so I’ve been training myself to take base, mid and top layers off in the correct order so I know how to put it all back on!

We’re headed to the start line today, and I couldn’t have asked for three better women to have alongside me.

I’d never met any of them before, but it already feels like we’ve known each other for years and I can tell we’re absolutely going to get each other through this challenge for Comic Relief.

So that’s it, we’re all kitted up, toasty warm and ready to set off!

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