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Sara opens the Avon 2024 conference

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This is me in my happy place. Standing in a room with over 600 amazing entrepreneurs, most of them women, running and building their own successful businesses.

Last week I had the privilege of opening the Avon 2024 conference, sharing my passion for entrepreneurship with this group of inspiring and amazing women.

I talked about the power of personal brand, how to create deep and meaningful relationships with customers and strategies to take their business to the next level.

We also talked about mam-guilt (and how there’s no place in this world for it!) and I shared some of the techniques I use to stay present in both my work and family life.

And this is just the beginning! This fabulous event was to kick start a whole entrepreneurship programme I’m running with Avon for their consultants.

At the end of February I’ll be launching a four-session masterclass training academy, taking deep dives into some of the  themes we touched on last week. Giving the consultants the hands-on tools they need to grow their business.

I’ll be setting homework every time, and coaching each consultant to be the best version of themselves and make 2024 their best year in business ever! Our first session is Wednesday, 28th February and I can’t wait!