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Sara attends two-day strategy retreat

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Last week I had the pleasure of coming together with some real powerhouse businesspeople for a two-day strategy retreat hosted by Richard Harpin (with whom I’ve worked for almost 10 years now!)

He pulled together a varied group that included founder-entrepreneurs, non-exec chairs and high level operators from across the portfolio of business that he invests in

It was an incredible opportunity to learn from my peers and gain valuable insights into the way they do business and have built incredibly successful multi-million pound empires. Richard led us through structured sessions where we challenged our own thinking, analysed various businesses and studied the blueprint of what it takes to grow a company to be a billion-pound success story.

I met some incredible businesspeople and the candid and open way with which everyone approached the retreat, not only sharing best practice but also being honest about when things haven’t worked and sharing the learnings they took away from those moments, was just so humbling and insightful.

I came away feeling energised and positive about the future and all the possibilities it holds!

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely occupation, but being in a community of entrepreneurs, being able to leverage collective expertise – now that’s the key to massive success, and I feel incredibly grateful to Richard and the team at Growth Partner for being a part of something special.