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Christmas Q & A!

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I’ve decided to do a Christmas Q & A for a bit of festive fun! So here are my favourite drinks, food, films, traditions and more!

1. Favourite Christmas food – It would have to be prunes wrapped in bacon or ‘Devils on horseback’ as they’re also known. They’re my dad’s favourite and we only ever have them at Christmas time

2. Favourite Christmas tipple – Mulled wine – love it!

3. Christmas tradition – Handmade Christmas card with the kids, it’s something we always make time for and we love it.

4. Favourite Christmas song – It’s so cheesy but nothing beats All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey to get you in the festive spirit.

5. Favourite festive film – Mine is Love Actually but our family favourite is Polar Express. It’s so Christmassy, my boys are obsessed with trains and we’re actually going on a Polar Express-style adventure this year so it’s become more of an experience that we can cherish, rather than just a film.

6. Best way to save money at Christmas?
Try to make something! Your loved ones will appreciate something handmade and you’ll save money, which at Christmas is definitely a bonus. If you are buying gifts this Christmas, try to keep track of your spending with a spreadsheet or a notepad, it’s so easy to forgot who you’ve already bought things for.

7. What do you have your eye on for Christmas?
Anything make-up-wise or skin care. I’ve been getting a bit more adventurous lately and I just love looking at all of the new things you can buy, the adverts are making me want all sorts this year!

8. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Despite my best efforts, I’m usually a really last-minute shopper – I think I have my mam to thank for that!

9. Best-ever present?
Simon proposed to me on Christmas morning so that’s one present I will never forget. He hid my ring in my Christmas stocking and I really wasn’t expecting it.

10. Best present you’ve ever given someone?
The presents I’m most proud of are some gifts I made for Oliver’s teachers. Oliver and I made some mulling syrup together and then I packaged it with some lovely red wine. It had the best of both worlds, something that was homemade and my little boy had helped with, and wine!