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It is often suggested that there’s a link between crafting and positive wellbeing. I know I’ve personally found it to be a big stress reliever in the past!

Discussing how we feel is something that no one should be ashamed of doing. I have always admired the work that Mind, the mental health charity, has done to promote positive wellbeing and open conversations about mental health.

So, I was delighted when Mind asked me to host a virtual Crafternoon to help raise vital funds and awareness of what the organisation does. The idea behind the session is to encourage people to take time out and to connect with others.

Crafting doesn’t have to be complex, and I chose to create some simple origami flowers using things around the house.

Mind hosts its Crafternoons twice every year, and supplies people with everything that they need to host their own crafty fundraiser.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Crafternoon or making a donation, find out more information here or on Facebook here.