Daily Mail: JANET STREET-PORTER: Don’t bother buying magazines or books full of trendy lists of ‘inspirational’ women – the real heroines are all around you…

27 February, 2020

Another day, and another list of ‘inspiring’ women compiled by a highly successful female.

These exercises in celebrating modern feminism are well meaning, but after reading them, you might feel a little bit inferior because you’re not spending your free time waving a placard or launching a helpline for the disadvantaged.

Have you got the right role models? Or are you just not on-message?

The Clintons (Hillary and Chelsea) have announced they are co-writing The Book of Gutsy Women, which will ‘honour’ 100 trail blazers, from classical scholar Mary Beard to climate activist Greta Thunberg.

The book (to be published in October) will celebrate the special women who ‘fought and won the kinds of victories that pave the way for progress for the rest of us’.

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